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7 Stages of

Garment Care

  1. Counter Inspection – Each and every garment is thoroughly inspected and prepared for cleaning. Button or ornaments protected or removed if necessary. Surface and structural inspection, evaluating garment for type of cleaning required.
  2. Stain Removal – Performed by professionals using proven traditional and advanced modern techniques.
  3. Cleaning – Dry cleaning, laundering, and hand cleaning procedures using the finest technology, extensive classification and only the purest solvent.
  4. Finishing cabinet and formers are used for jackets, trousers and coats. All are blown and steamed to original shape.
  5. Hand finishing – Pressers of the highest standard and experience individually hand finish your garment.
  6. Quality Control – Every garment is formally inspected in immense detail to ensure that it is at its very best before being reunited with our customer.
  7. Packaging – Most garments are individually protected with 100% Bio-Degradable packaging on a quality hanger.

Minor repairs: Valette attends to loose hems, open seams, loose and missing buttons on all executive finish garments which are returned to you in a non-woven breathable garment bag.


We take pride in the laundering of your personal fine linen and cloth wear. Every care is taken at each step during our process to ensure your laundry is beautifully finished prior to being packaged and returned to you. All items are individually inspected by the team at Valette and then washed with the gentlest detergents before being finished to our high standards.

All items are;

  • Individually inspected by the team at Valette
  • Then washed with the gentlest detergents
  • Before being finished to our high standards.

Your crisp clean laundry is then folded and packed ready for you to enjoy.

Our laundry service includes clothing, bed linens, lingerie, table linens, towels and more.


Suede, Leather &


We provide Professional leather, suede and fur cleaning services

Here at Valette we have all the necessary, up to date equipment and cleaning tools to get your tricky items in pristine condition. We appreciate how expensive these materials can be, which is why we put so much effort into going the extra mile and only using high quality products

Get your leather and fur looking brand new

Get your leather and fur looking brand new in order to get the most wear out of your luxury items of clothing.

We provide Suede and leather cleaning, repair, moisturising and restoration services – It is much healthier for this expensive material to have it cleaned professionally due to regular soaps causing the material to get dry patches and crack.

At Valette we use specialist natural products in order to get the best results!

We provide Stain and odour removal services – A stain you just can’t seem to get out, or not even sure how to go about it? Bring the item into Valette and let the professionals deal with it. We also have a specialist odour removal service – so you never have to worry about tackling tricky pieces again!

Prolong the life of your favorite fur coat

Delicate and expensive items such as these have their own specific cleaning requirements. The Valette team have years of experience. We’re adept at removing even the most stubborn stains from the most delicate fabrics. When you need a service you can trust, reliable contact valette.



Expert cleaning skills from an experienced team

Most brides would like their wedding gown restored to pristine condition. Whether you wish to   preserve your wedding gown or are going to sell it, we provide the service and unmatched expertise that you require.  Even if your gown doesn’t appear to require cleaning, after time dust will begin to damage the clothing, which is why it is so important to have it specially cleaned and stored well.

A wedding gown is perhaps the most special and poignant garment a lady will ever own. We understand this, and for this exact reason we are dedicated to providing you with outstanding service in the cleaning of your wedding gown, which is performed in five stages in the following procedure

Stage 1

Your gown will be inspected prior to cleaning to ascertain what treatment will benefit it best. This is part of a special consultation we carry out.

Stage 2

Your wedding gown then will be pre spotted and treated for specific stain removal and the hems and underskirt(s) treated for mud, grass and general ground dirt. This process takes between one to two hours.

Stage 3

After pre-treating, your gown will be cleaned using the appropriate equipment and materials.

Stage 4

Your wedding gown is re-inspected for any marks that may have become visible after the cleaning process. The whole cycle will be repeated until we are completely satisfied that we have achieved the optimum results. Only then is the gown steam pressed.

 Stage 5

Finally, your wedding gown goes on to be packed in a wedding gown non-woven garment bag or packaged in acid free tissue in a specially designed handmade storage box.

Wedding gowns are priced individually based on how elaborate the gown, it’s purchase price and the amount of work required before processing.

Repairs &


Our team at Valette has the expertise and dedication to repairs and alterations whether rejuvenating a garment or perfecting its fit. Special attention is always given to maintaining and, if necessary, expertly reproducing the finished detail of the garment.

Our team includes tailor, dress makers and seamstress – Get the outfit of your dreams with our skilled tailoring and dress making service. We also offer high quality clothing alterations and clothing repairs. Whether you need hem taken up, or a dress made tighter, pop in today for a quick consultation on how we can make your clothes not only fit but look better.

Curtains and rugs

Household items such as rugs or curtains can be a real pain to clean and get into top shape, and is often something we just don’t have time to do! However, if you just need a bit of a refresh or are holding an event and need things freshening up, the friendly and experienced team here at Valette can assist with cleaning your bigger items. Household items collect dust and dirt just like our clothes do, so we recommend regularly getting these items cleaned in order to avoid the allergens collected!

Linen and curtain cleaning services

We can come to your home or office and take down your curtains, clean them and re-hang them for you. The dry cleaning of curtains is the most effective way to clean your curtains of accumulated dust, dirt and allergens. On-site cleaning is far less effective producing unsatisfactory results.

We also fire proof curtains and soft furnishings. This not only is much safer but also protects your investments!


Regular cleaning of rugs extends their life by removing soiling which over time can dull their colors and appearance over time. We use highly specific processes to get the best results for your money. Our prices for rug cleaning are very competitive, so call today!

Oriental, Indian & Persian Rug Cleaning, We are experienced in dealing with the finest of rugs and we specialise in the cleaning of all types of Oriental, Persian, Indian, Pakistani, Afghani and Chinese rugs of any size.

Household laundry services

We recommend dry cleaning your household items at least every couple of years in order to extend the longevity of them. We clean Curtains, Drapery, valance, Bedspreads, blankets, quilts, pillows, sheets and duvet covers. We can also dry clean and wet clean your nets, blinds, pelmets, swags and tails and tie backs. rugs and furnishings.

Here at Valette we take pride in our fantastic dry cleaning and household laundry services, and our results are the reason we have such a large base of return clients. Feel free to pop in to our store in Windsor or give us a call any time for expert advice on cleaning your items.



The dry cleaning and hand cleaning procedures used at Valette are of the finest technology and the purest of solvents is used to deliver impeccable results for everything from suits to designer couture.

We specialise in first class stain removal, attention to detail and hand finishing of all garments. Our world class machinery and equipment is the reason your clothing is taken care of so well and the reason our clients keep coming back to us time after time for their dry-cleaning requirements.

TRY OUR EXECUTIVE FINISH for that special occasion!

Garments are individually protected and packaged with tissue, custom wooden hangers and specially designed bags and boxes in order to ensure your garments safe return to your wardrobe. What’s more Valette use 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and recyclable packing material.



Look sharp without any effort, in the fast-moving business environment you will always be busy and meeting important people – with our shirt cleaning services you will always look 100% professional.

Choose how you would like your much loved shirts to be returned to you. Either expertly folded or presented in packaging as if they were new, or on a hanger ready for you to wear when you next need them.